Maxxair products


The MAXXAIR® plus bags are part of the MAXXAIR® range of packaging, the main feature of which is to let food breathe and prevent damage from moisture.

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COEX bags (white and black) made of polyethylene (LLDPE) on a spit (“wicket”).

Back of the clear multi-perforated plastic bag.

Increased protection against greening.

100% recyclable polyethylene packaging.

Standard sizes

Here are the different MAXXAIR® packaging formats we offer. However, we can meet your specific needs on request.


5 lbs PDT wicket10,659 x 18 x 19,55 lbs (2,26 kg)
10 lbs PDT wicket11,937 x 22 x 23,510 lbs (4,53 kg)

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