Specialists in flexographic printing


We are specialists in high-definition flexographic printing as well as high-end and unique packaging products processing.

Customized packaging

At Trium Packaging, we have all the high-tech equipment needed to carry your innovative packaging projects. Wicket bags roll stock (VFFS HFFS) as well as a full range of multi-perforated packaging products.

The capacities of our presses make it possible to print very thin and very thick packaging. This flexibility is a big advantage for all our customers.

Diversified product proposition

We produce flexible packaging for fruits and vegetables as well as master bags. Our company also prints surface or rolls stock (lamination) for food and / or industry.

We specialize our production in multi-perforated packaging on all types of materials (polyethylene, polyester, nylon)

Discover our products

Graphic design

We have a team of professionals working with you to suggest a graphic design for your packaging representing your brand.


Not only are we able to present you concepts for your packaging bags, we also have the skills to develop the whole image of your brand (new logo, new banner, new name, etc.).


Our graphic design service also includes the prototype of your products so you can get a good idea of what your final product will look like.

Flexographic printing

We are specialists in quality printing for the agri-food market. We use flexography, a process that is found in the printing of corrugated cardboard, plastic bags, labels, etc. which allows relief printing, like typography.


We use this printing process because it is growing. Its advantages: its low cost and its ecological.