Agri-food packaging

Bags for fruits and vegetables

At Trium Packaging, the largest concentration of our products is dedicated to the manufacture of packaging for the agricultural and vegetable markets.

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Bags for fruits and vegetables on polyethylene (LLDPE) (wicket).

Not multi-perforated (two rows of 5 holes).


Here are the different types of polyethylene food packaging (LLDPE) that we produce for the agricultural market:

Standard sizes

Here are the different sizes we offer. However, we can meet your specific needs on request.


Sizes of bagsDimensionsCapacity
5 lbs PDT wicket11,024 x 18 x 19,55 lbs (2,26 kg)
10 lbs PDT wicket11,937 x 23 x 24,510 lbs (4,53 kg)
15 lbs PDT wicket14,370 x 24,5 x 26 4"BG15 lbs (6,80 kg)

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