Trium Packaging an innovative company


At Trium Packaging, the service, the innovation is at the heart of our actions, the superior quality of our products, their competitive prices and our great expertise are some of the main elements that make our company the best choice for your needs in flexible plastic packaging.

Outstanding customer service

For Trium Packaging, customer experience is at the heart of our actions. Our sales representatives are always available to help you choose the right plastic packaging for your products. They act as project managers, which means they work with you from start to finish.


Building a successful relationship with you means building an authentic relationship that lasts over time.

Innovation at the heart of our values

It is very important for us to participate annually in many events and conferences to stay on the lookout for new innovations and technologies. Also, these events allow us to guide us in the purchase of new equipment for our production.


In addition to being aware of new market trends, we invest many hours in research and development, which contributes to the quality of our products.

Our plastic packaging is a guarantee of superior quality

If you value the nature of your products, you must choose a fair and appropriate packaging. Continuous improvement is at the heart of our values. Thus, we can maintain a level of quality that adapts constantly to the growing demands of the market.


All of food packaging is approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for use in direct contact with food.


Quality control is required at every stage of production to provide you with superior quality products.



Our products meet sanitary standards

All our products comply with Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP), which is a method of food safety control (standard for food hygiene).

The objectives of this method: prevention, elimination or reduction to an acceptable level of any biological, chemical and physical hazard.

Competitive prices and expertise

Our experienced team knows how to adapt quickly and efficiently and support your projects from A to Z, which allows us to remain very competitive in the price of our products.

Our different services allow the development of unique projects that suit your reality.

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Our policies

Here are the main policies concerning our products:

  • Offer all our customer a service and quality products.
  • Constantly review our goals and processes so we always have the best quality we can offer. This also applies to our services.
  • Always maintain teamwork, bringing together our internal team as well as our clients and developing the experience of each of us.