Maxxair products


At Trium Packaging, we offer you the range of MAXXAIR® bags, designed primarily to prevent humidity inside the packaging of your products. This type of packaging offers better preservation of the food it contains.

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The MAXXAIR® bag is a 100% recyclable multi-perforated polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging on a spindle (“wicket”).

Perfect for bags for potatoes and citrus fruits.

Standard sizes

Here are the different formats of MAXXAIR® packaging that we offer. However, we can meet your specific needs on request.


3 lbs PDT wicket9,056 x 17,5 x 193 lbs (1,36 kg)
5 lbs PDT wicket10,039 x 18 x 19,55 lbs (2,26 kg)
10 lbs PDT wicket11,937 x 22 x 24,515 lbs (6,80 kg)
5 lbs citrus11,742 x 19,5 x 215 lbs (2,26 kg)
8 lbs citrus13,126 x 23 x 24,58 lbs (3,63 kg)

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