Maxxair products

Laminated MAXXAIR® COEX bags

MAXXAIR® COEX bags (white and black) (rolls) are part of the MAXXAIR® range of packaging, the main feature of which is to let the various foods breathe and avoid the damage caused by moisture.

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Packaging in the form of rolls (web).

Multi-perforated bags.

COEX bags (white and black) rolled.

Protects from light (anti-greening)

Standard sizes

Here are the different sizes of MAXXAIR® COEX (white and black) laminated packaging that we offer. However, we can meet your specific needs on request.


1,5 lbs PDT220,5 mm x 447,5 mm1,5 lbs (0,68 kg)
3 lbs (pilow bag)338,3 mm x 510 3 lbs (1,36 kg)
3 lbs (pilow bag)338,3 mm x 570 mm3 lbs (1,36 kg)
3 lbs (gusset)338,3 mm x 510 mm3 lbs (1,36 kg)
5 lbs (pilow bag)403 mm x 570 mm5 lbs (2,26 kg)
5 lbs (gusset)420 mm x 570 mm5 lbs (2,26 kg)

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